Embracing my femininity

Sitting at my unit desk in a once-bustling space, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that life is all about perspective. Despite being surrounded by sleeping patients, my mind is plagued by turmoil, as I ponder the parts of myself that seem to be missing. Initially, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was causing this sense of displacement, but the feeling persisted. It’s difficult to be self-reflective when juggling the demands of motherhood, a recent marriage, and a demanding work schedule. Life can feel like a rollercoaster, with endless to-do lists and little time for introspection. The past three years have been extremely challenging, especially as a mother and a nurse during a pandemic. It’s easy to lose sight of your own priorities when you’re wired to be nurturing and caring for others as a woman. At some point, you may look in the mirror and not recognize yourself anymore – physically and emotionally – which can have a significant impact on your mental health. Since I’m in the mood for a positive change, I have decided to identify five ways to fully embrace my femininity.

Moving my body

I used to be a very active person before some challenges came my way. I loved running, going to the gym, dancing and cycling. My favourite was running along the beach or river after a night shift. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I decided to create a small gym area in my garage since gyms were closed. I ended my gym membership and bought a stationary bicycle, but I never used it much and now it needs some care. I am not sure if I will sell it or keep it. I prefer being outside, especially since I live in one of the sunniest countries in Europe. Running is my favourite exercise. All I need is a good pair of sneakers, earphones, and a motivational podcast to keep me going. Unfortunately, I have gained some weight, which has affected my sense of recognition and self-esteem. I am aware that it is important to exercise to regain self-love through my body. Hopefully, my fitness journey will inspire you.

Giving myself time to ground and meditate

During my previous lifestyle, I used to dedicate a considerable amount of time to mindfulness. Engaging in activities such as reading and meditation helped me gain insight and a sense of purpose. I strongly believe that these activities help us reconnect with ourselves. Numerous apps can assist you with the process, making it easier for us to be aware of our own needs and priorities. By turning off the background noise of daily life, mindfulness can be a perfect way to deal with anxiety.

Treating myself

Having free time has become a rare commodity nowadays, but I believe it’s important to dedicate a few hours every week to pamper myself. This could mean taking a leisurely walk with my dog to soak up some vitamin D, establishing a skincare routine and investing in quality products, purchasing new clothes that make me feel unique, or even indulging in a massage therapy session, despite not being a big fan of it. The ultimate goal is to carve out some time for myself as a woman, not just as a mother or a wife.

Doing things that sparkle my creativity

It can be easy to lose oneself in the compromises of work and motherhood. As I mentioned earlier, constantly keeping a mental to-do list can be exhausting and leave no room for creativity. I have always had a passion for photography and writing, which allows my mind to explore all of its potential. To further develop these skills, I plan to enrol in an online workshop to improve my photo editing and English writing abilities. Additionally, I would like to undertake a few handmade projects that my daughter can also be a part of. I will definitely post about some of them.

Surrounding myself with feminine energy

I struggle with not having many female friends because I don’t consider myself a girly person and tend to have a more masculine personality. I’m practical and not comfortable with sharing my vulnerabilities, especially with talkative women. This may be due to past traumas and trust issues. However, I acknowledge that being surrounded by the right people who support women’s empowerment can help me upgrade my friendships to the next level.

I believe these 5 steps can help improve our femininity and achieve balance in our lives.

I would love to hear about your own methods for reaching this version of yourself, which would be a start to increase the feminine energy here, for sure.

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