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Welcome to my pretty mess, an online journal of the messiest mind that I know.

I’m Joana, born and raised in Lisbon and currently living in the surroundings of the capital with the nerdiest boyfriend (a software engineer) and the cutest dog, Cupid, who has a heart-shaped nose and the softest fur.

Being Portuguese is one of the most precious traits of my personality, therefore don’t be surprised that I’ve immediately identified myself with my homeland rather than any other aspect about me. In fact, I think my origins dictate a lot more about who I am as a person in terms of values and priorities in life than anything else. Truly. For example, I’m extremely family-oriented and out-going. I love sharing all the things for what we, as a nation, are known for. Except for football, which is definitely not my cup of tea. I’m always looking for new recipes and restaurants (I love food!), as also the most random corners and places to visit. I often share it with my friends and, from now on, with who ends up finding this little online journal of mine, where I intend to write about millions of topics, without ever forgetting my roots.
However, I love traveling abroad and get to know different cultures. It’s actually one of my favorites things to do. Oh, If I could, I would travel every month to a different destination with my backpack and camera.

Another thing that is quite important for me is my career and studies. I’m currently working as an intensive care nurse, despite my engineering background in biomedical sciences, and a deep interest in art, music, history, and writing. Then, How did I become a nurse? – may you ask me. Well, let me tell you a short story about teen Joana. I was the kind of student who had good grades at absolutely everything. Can you imagine Hermione? I was even worse. Always trying to be my best version. But, I took it too seriously to a point where I couldn’t do anything else apart from studying. When I finally had to choose my college degree at the age of eighteen, I decided that Biomedical Engineering was ideal since I loved a diverse range of subjects, such as math, biology, physics, and medicine. Therefore, I got in one of the most exigent universities.
It was indeed the perfect spot for a workaholic with strategic and logical thinking. However, I felt the need of being in the front-line in constant contact with people who actually needed me. Nursing was, thereby, the obvious match for me, so I completely changed my path. For better. The intensive care unit environment was a late discovery that pleased my most perfectionist side. But since I’m not the kind of person who stays quiet for too long, I felt the calling for a new challenge that could allow me to reunite all my passions into one. Becoming a blogger is one of those steps out of the comfort zone, especially when doing it fully in English. Hopefully, I will improve my language skills and meet new people along the way. I would love it!

As a reader, you can expect different content every week. Mainly about my lifestyle as a nurse, and other related topics such as mental health and positive body image. I also enjoy sharing my readings. My preferences are biographies and historical novels. Being an avid Netflix watcher, movies and serials will also be a constant here. And, of course, my favorites posts to write – the travel diaries with a photographic report associated.

You can follow me on InstagramTwitter and Bloglovin so you can keep up with what I’m doing. See you around.

For partnerships, business matters, or just because you have something to suggest, feel free to contact me.myprettymessblog@outlook.com

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