Welcome to my pretty mess, an online version of my diary as the messiest mind that I know.

I’m Joana, a Portuguese girl living near Lisbon with the nerdiest boyfriend, named Ricardo. I was born and raised in the suburbs of the capital. However, my place is where the pure air of the mountains meet the fresh breeze of the sea at Arrábida in Setúbal. That’s the one place where I always return to, where I find my inner peace and recharge my energies. Everything sounds familiar there since I spent so many weekends and summer vacations exploring the trails and all the little corners with the most breathtaking view. Sooner or later, my life dream is to design and build our home in the middle of the golden fields and the warm embrace of my family, being able to visit this sanctuary more often.

I tend to present myself as a curious person who enjoys learning about different things. I do have distinct interests. I’m a math nerd, who has a background in biomedical engineering. I studied in one of the most exigent universities in the country. Maybe one day I will end up graduating from my master in clinical engineering. Currently, I’m working as an intensive care nurse, after a short period of time at an oncology surgery ward. Being a perfectionist, ICU life is definitely more appealing. I frequently write about my struggles and achievements along this journey.

As a Cavalier lover about to have a puppy for the first time, I can guarantee a lot of cuteness and incredible moments.

Being an enthusiastic photographer, you can expect a lot of photos, most of them travel-related since I’m a huge fan of discovering new places and cultures. Books are another great way to travel as is watching movies and tv shows. I must anticipate that I’m an avid Netflix watcher, who likes to share reviews. Plus, as an experimental cooker with a Portuguese twist, the recipes will be a constant topic full of colourful and healthy choices, especially while I’m trying to get back in shape and make better decisions.

The blog purpose is to inspire others to enjoy the little things by living in the present, capturing the moment and sharing it with the world.

Summing up, this may look like a huge mess. At least, I hope it becomes a pretty one.

Feel welcomed to my pretty mess. Love, joana, the messiest.

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