First mess

Yap, I totally lost count of how many times I opened an empty draft and challenged myself to write a few words just because I had something to share or even because writing is one of the best therapies for me. But, the fear of exposing myself to what I think is a true reflection of my soul has always prevailed towards the will to do something different. Have you ever felt that you have some kind of talent, and perhaps a dream, that you tend to undervalue as time goes by? Well, this is mine: to have a voice that reaches other worlds besides mine. I must confess that day after day, trip after trip, book after book, and so on (…), I wished I had the courage to do so. And how simple it is! Just do not rationalize life so much and let the energies flow.
And that’s how I cleaned the dust from the diaries of a girl that I keep religiously in a box and gave wings to my old dreams (!). I do not know if this space will truly be a diary, because there’s no secrecy associated. The goal is the opposite of that! However, I believe that my ramblings and philosophies of life are interesting to follow either through photographs or texts, perhaps some of them will be lengthy. Soon or later, you will confirm it. Ahah! I also hope that Ju Vibes becomes much more than a blog (there are already so many), but yes an innovative project. And then you may ask: why Ju Vibes?! My answer is equally simple. Why not? I don’t know if it’s still in vogue to read blogs nowadays. I do remember reading spectacular blogs and learning immensely from the way the authors of those same blogs faced the challenges of life. I believe that now we’ve lost some of the magic in having a blog just because writing is essential! However, I still think that there is something great about reading someone else’s heart between the lines. Maybe you’ll read mine too!
The name Ju Vibes arose after giving several knots to my imagination and tearing apart a few drafts. I came to the conclusion that the more I thought, the further I was to reach the final verdict. After all, the name would just have to convey the essence of my message in its overall. So I aligned a few keywords, and I easily realized that Ju should be in the name, as a diminutive of my name – Joana!. All my friends call me Ju and Vibes because this will be a space dedicated to good energies. It makes sense and, in fact, it does transmits what I intended: the harmony with the energies that surround us.
I don’t have to much to add about me. It’s always strange to talk about us, isn’t it ?! But if I had to describe myself in a few words I would say that I am addicted to photography, traveling, and working! But you can know me better in every future publication!

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